Where Have You Been?

Where have you been? I hear this whenever I run into our former customers.  What are you doing now?  What’s been happening? Well, let me tell you. So much has happened!  As most of you know, I decided to retire in November of 2016 and what a liberating feeling!  I miss seeing our Pickwick customers daily but I do not miss the long hours and the paperwork.  When our paths cross at an event or just out and about, I love sharing a few moments with you.

I still wake up at 5:30am and get my day started but I no longer open the grocery stores everyday at 7am with the regulars.  I no longer put several loads of laundry in before leaving the house (unless I want to), and I no longer tie myself to a schedule dictated by the hours on the tea shop’s front door.  It is a very odd feeling to know I have no schedule but, I’m getting used to it. Plus to some extent, I can and do choose what will happen in my day.  That being said, it is rather daunting to be given unlimited choice of what to do.

A couple days a week, I start my day writing at Starbucks.  It’s a nice quiet place where I can be away from all those things clamoring for my attention at home; a place where I can be alone yet still be with people.  I also know if I get moving early, I get more accomplished.

As promised, I am working on a Pickwick Tea Room Cookbook.  Getting all those recipes resized for home use from the large batch size for our tearoom has been a labor of love let me tell you. Some of them just do not work in smaller batches.  Many of them had little more than a list of ingredients, so figuring out amounts and typing instructions takes considerable thought and time.  Then deciding which ones to include and which ones just don’t make the cut causes some concern.

The thing I miss most about not going into the tearoom everyday is the times we shared.  I miss seeing your children age (of course, we never got any older), I miss sharing your triumphs and troubles, and in general I miss the contact with my customers who became friends.  We shared and enjoyed so much together over the past 12+ years and I’d like to continue keeping in contact.  Just like our time shared at the Pickwick Society Tearoom, I hope to continue to keep contact through this blog, social media and my markets.  You were always so gracious sharing your lives and likes with me; I would love to continue sharing through this blog.  Since retiring, I’ve had time to read more, investigate more, experiment more and travel more.  In this blog, I plan to include information about teas, tea equipment, tearooms, tea literature, etc.

I know from past comments, many of you liked getting our monthly newsletter chocked full of my musings.  Hopefully you enjoy my reflections and recommendations in this blog and leave comments so I gain new inspiration for more areas to investigate and ruminate on. I am excited about the possibilities.


  1. Hi Cindy. Glad to hear you are doing well and enjoying your time away from the business. I am still working to get my concept up and running. Would love to consult with you when the time comes and I look forward to reading your blog. –LaDonna

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  2. What a lovely thought — to write a blog — & stay in touch with everyone while writing your ‘cook’ book! Like every great leader, our Village has a void in our downtown Frankfort w your absence. However, we grow through change & challenging ourselves ~ looking forward to another story on your blog!

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  3. Great to hear from you, and happy you are doing well. Christine and I still miss you and the tearoom, and see what happened to this country since we were not at the tearoom to solve the problems of the world!! Hope to see you around, but will be looking forward to your musings, and your cookbook.


  4. Thanks for updating us! I’ve had two parties at your tea room. Even though I moved to central IL, I still enjoyed visiting. Can’t wait to check out the book.

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  5. Hey, Cindy –
    Hope your delicious chicken salad is in the cookbook! That recipe alone would be worth whatever price!
    Miss the tea room but use my cup/ saucer from Pickwick and think of it!

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