Tea for Typing

Lately I seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time typing at Starbucks; working on my blog.  If I walk one mile east or one mile west on my street, I find a Starbucks just waiting with plenty of space for me to park myself, use their free Wi-Fi and get something tasty to help me while I ponder the universe.  About two blocks from one of the Starbucks is our local library with free Wi-Fi but they do not have snacks or tea.  In fact they frown on snacks in the library.

Sometimes I just need something to wet my whistle while I’m working.  I need a good cup of tea.  I readily admit I am a tea snob and a purist when it comes to tea.  I’m not generally a big fan of fancy mixed tea drinks as much as I crave tea, pure unadulterated tea and in the summer I want it iced.

This is a problem for me since to enjoy iced tea at home one must make the tea in advance to chill it properly and then ice it.  If you make the tea and try to chill it immediately, it gets so watered down from the amount of ice needed to bring the temperature down that there‘s usually little or no flavor.  Now yes, I could try harder to remember to make some tea the night before get it in the fridge and it chill it overnight  to ensure it’s cold when I want it. Perfect!  If only I could remember to make the tea the night before.  And that my good friend is the problem; remembering.

Okay, I’ll admit, this summer I’m addicted to Starbuck’s Passion Iced tea.  It’s my go to tea when I type; so refreshing without anything added, a little tart and just the right flavor balance.

The passion tea from Starbucks has a hibiscus base with mild flavors of apple and lemongrass with a hint of cinnamon.  Shaken with ice it is the perfect summer cooler to refresh and re-hydrate.

Could I make this tasty treat at home?  Certainly! But again, it involves remembering to make it before I want it.  Bummer!  Sometimes it’s just easier to give into the craving and go spend some quality time at the local Starbucks and instantly gratify my craving with a large Passion Iced Tea and some Wi-Fi.


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