3 French Hen’s Market

Last Saturday I helped out some friends by working their booth at a market in Morris Illinois.  Three French Hen’s Country Market is one of the best country markets in the Midwest and has been a good market for my friends for a number of years.  Located in a park along the river walk, there is a fair amount of shade from mature trees which makes the market quite pleasant even on hot days.

Watching a market come alive is somewhat of an other-worldly experience.  I got there about 7am when the light was still streaming through the trees, tents, and stalls; giving everything a rosy glow.  The vendors were busily setting up and there was a good bit of friendly banter between the booths.  A bit of anxiety always creeps into the set-up time trying to figure out just how to make everything fit and look appealing while getting it all finished and the totes and boxes stowed before the first customers begin arriving.

Everyone’s mood is upbeat and full of anticipation.  Vendors check out other vendor’s stalls, looking for a sleeper or two. (A sleeper is an item under-priced that can be resold for more).  Then slowly, almost at a snail’s pace the first buyers arrive and we are all business with a little bit of snarky banter for our regulars.

This past weekend we sold fall merchandise even though it’s August and still summer for six more weeks.  The kiddos are going back to school and that means fall is just around the corner.  Better get those pumpkin decorations out and ready.

The 3 French Hen’s Market in Morris is one of the premier markets for quality vintage finds in the Midwest.

With over 130 vendors there is sure to be something for everyone. This time of year, the farmers showcase the most colorful veggies and fruits, beautiful plants, and other food items for sale.  Food vendors abound offering apple cider doughnuts, S’Mores with homemade marshmallows, kettle-corn, frozen drinks, cheese, sausages and more.  Other vendors sell vintage, antique, handcrafted, re-purposed, and new items.

You can check them out on their Facebook page for a complete schedule of dates and times.  Mark your calendars now for the next 3 French Hen’s Country Market on Saturday, September 9th. I’ll be there waiting for you to find me.  Look for the market at 123 W. Illinois Avenue, Morris, IL  from 8am to 2pm.  See you there!


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