Taking a break from Fridays in Frankfort

If you’ve been following my other blog  AtticSister you know I’m currently in Warrenton Texas for the Round Top Texas Antiques Week; which is really twenty one days long.  My sister, Robin and I are set up at the Campbell Building in Warrenton Texas with Robin’s jewelry business, Eye4Jewels and smattering of my collectibles from Dreaming In The Attic, my antiques business.

This morning as we were setting up some folks were already in the building and being friendly I smiled at a southern gentleman and said, “Mornin’, how are you today?”

I was fully expecting the standard, “Fine and how are you?”

Not this gentleman!

His reply?  “I’m blessed ……. an hotter than hell.”

That’s definitely the best reply I’ve had all week!


I’ll be back in Illinois sometime around October 9th or 10th with lots of stories to tell.  So if you’d like a laugh, please follow my antics in Texas on my other blog.  I have to say there is definitely a junk overload bug here that is starting to make me see the world a bit differently.

To follow my Attic Sister blog you can go to the Facebook page for my antiques business: Dreaming In The Attic

To see the kinds of things Robin sells through Eye4Jewels on RubyLane.com click HERE.


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