The Belly Factory — Fridays in Frankfort

The Belly Factory…..what is it? Sound like a work-out place? Nope! Maybe a plastic surgery place? Nope! The Belly Factory is actually Chicagoland’s premier place for 4-D ultrasounds.  The Belly Factory is a non-diagnostic ultrasound facility that is focused on providing an inviting, luxurious and relaxing environment. In addition to gender reveal(if requested), they provide beautiful photos of your newest addition while giving expectant parents a wonderful bonding experience with their unborn child.  Lori, the owner has over 30 years as a certified Ultrasound Technologist and does her best to put everyone at ease and make your experience one you will never forget.


There are few moments as memorable as seeing your unborn baby the first time. Relax on the quilted exam table as they lower the lights to get a better look at the screen.  Then listen.  The first thing you’ll hear is the whoosh, whoosh, whoosh of your baby’s heartbeat. Being so intimately in touch with that tiny life, then seeing the 4-D ultrasound on the screen is a life changing experience not to be missed.  20171012_150236

They offer a comfortable, family oriented environment that allows everyone to enjoy a positive bonding experience with the unborn baby.  Their staff gives you a chance to share the amazing features of the baby.  Dad’s nose…Mom’s smile…etc.  At the close of your session you can take home the experience with your own DVD of the entire session and a CD of all of your babies ultrasound still pictures to share with friends and cherish yourself. It’s less expensive than you might think and every bit as wonderful as you’ve heard.

At the Belly Factory, they understand how importance this special day can be for a new family. Let them help you connect with your developing child and they will go above and beyond to make sure that you are satisfied.  Your family can trust The Belly Factory to offer a safe and memorable ultrasound experience during pregnancy.  They proudly offer a variety of packages to enhance the value of your ultrasound experience.



Over ten years ago they located in historic Frankfort and brought a new and exciting service to this little downtown area.  In their current location at 20 White Street, they  share space with Lil’ Surprises, a unique children’s boutique specializing in fantastic customer service and amazing clothing and gifts.

For more information contact the Belly Factory at:  (815) 534-5293

Or you can check their website to make an appointment and see testimonials.

If you are a Mom-To-Be, consider the Belly Factory when thinking of seeing, hearing and bonding with your baby-to-be.

Their motto:  Meet them today……Love them forever.

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