Teaching the Kiddos to Crack Eggs

Cracking eggs is messy.  No doubt about that.  Years ago I came up with a fool-proof way to teach children to crack eggs.

It starts with some kind of marking device.  Thirty some years ago when my daughter Heidi was young, not wanting to use a marker or any other toxic writing device, I used a grease pencil, you know the one that you sharpen by peeling the paper off the sides in little strips?  Today for my grandsons, we use non-toxic markers.

In the spirit of Humpty Dumpty, draw a face on one side of the egg.  We always included a large mustache since my husband sports a mustache, Heidi thought it would be funny to make the eggs look like Daddy.14030

My grandson likes drawing on the eggs with non-toxic markers in holiday colors; these were his Halloween eggs.  After the faces are drawn, we usually recite the poem for Humpty Dumpty with a few changes:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,

All the king’s ladies and all the kings men

Had scrambled eggs for breakfast again.

At this point it’s time to crack the eggs.  Have the child hold the egg in the palm of their dominant hand, and rap it on the table surface being careful to pop it right on the nose. Then show them how to put the tips of their thumbs into the crack and pull the egg shells apart.  Be sure to have a small bowl ready to catch the broken egg and a paper towel to wipe their hands.

(Yes, some people think popping an egg on it’s nose could increase violence.  If you ascribe to that thinking, you could just draw an “X” on the side of the egg and have the child aim for the “X”.)

The Kiddos usually love cracking Humpty Dumpty as part of the nursery rhyme and if allowed to crack the eggs often enough, they become quite proficient.

Happy Baking!

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