Down Home Guitars

Almost 10 years ago, two men with a vision for promoting their love of acoustic instruments with a love of community founded Down Home Guitars.  Steve and Tom located their business in the Trolley Barn in historic Frankfort, offering fine acoustic instruments, repairs, lessons, and opportunities to enjoy the music made using those instruments.

The Trolley Barn on White Street in historic Frankfort is home to many shops but none more musical than Down Home Guitars.  The brainchild of Steve Haberichter and Tom Smith, Down Home Guitars celebrates all things strings. With their love and appreciation of fine acoustic instruments, they decided to specialize in high-end handmade acoustic guitars, banjos and mandolins by Bourgeois, Collings, Deering, Huber, Huss & Dalton, Lownen, Martin, Nechville, Ratlif, Santa Cruz, Stelling, Vesper and Weber.

Their Down Home Music School offers private lessons on many instruments from guitar and bass to drums, violin, harmonica, banjo and much more.  They also host world class musicians for concerts and workshops in their intimate concert hall as well as free weekly bluegrass jams every Thursday and an open mike night the 4th Friday of the month. Check their website for dates and times of events HERE or their Facebook page HERE for daily updates.

In addition to selling string instruments they also carry a full line of replacement strings and will help with restringing an instrument.  If you have an acoustic instrument that needs some attention, their staff can offer opinions, make repairs or refer you to another repair person if the instrument requires something more specialized.

In addition to the many opportunities to enjoy music through Down Home Guitars, almost eight years ago they put together a team of sponsors, volunteers and musicians to start the very first Frankfort Bluegrass Festival.  Since its inception, this festival provides some of the best in bluegrass totally free, no admission fee, no tickets, free parking, everything you need to enjoy a day in the park listening to world-class bluegrass music.  Seven years ago it was just a dream, today the Bluegrass Festival is thriving; drawing crowds from all over the Midwest and talent from every part of the US.  Check their website HERE for information about 2018 Bluegrass Festival or their Facebook page HERE for ongoing events leading up to the festival.

Down Home Guitars offers something for everyone no matter your skill level or what type of music you love.  Stop into the Trolley Barn and experience the beauty of these fine instruments, talk with their staff about classes, drop in to a jam session to enjoy the music or join the group, come to an open mike night, plan to attend the Bluegrass Festival next July.  There are many ways to appreciate music at Down Home Guitars.

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