Do You Collect Something?

I hold pretty fast to the adage that we all collect things. It can be only a small amount of things to make an impact in our decorating.  It could be stories, recipes, memories or physical things like teapots, hats, spoons, record albums, books, vintage jewelry, framed prints, Christmas ornaments, old cars…..the possibilities are endless.DSC00812

Recently while reworking my antiques booth in Morris Illinois, I talked with a couple millennials about collecting.  One, a collector on the hunt and the other one that adamantly insisted she does not collect anything because she’s too busy experiencing our world to get bogged down with the accumulation of “Stuff”.

Being a little put off by the second one’s disagreeable claim; I told her, “I beg to differ.”

At that, she harrumphed and said, “Well I don’t understand why anyone would want all this old stuff.  I’m only shopping here with my friend.  I would never choose to shop at a store like this.  I just can’t be bothered with keeping old stuff.”  I, I, I, I,…..her friend must have been used to this line of conversation because, she continued to scour the shop for her precious treasures while I did her a favor and chatted with her disagreeable friend.

After getting nowhere quick with little Miss Grumpypants, in a stroke of genius, I asked this non-collector how many photos she had in her smart phone.  At first she would not respond; then I pushed just a little and asked how often does she take pictures of her “experiences”.  Opening her gallery space on her phone revealed she had over 3000 photos with even more in the Cloud.  With my most sincere smile I said, “That my dear, is a collection.”  She begrudgingly agreed.

Whether or not these millennials want to admit it or not, collecting is part and parcel of the DNA of humans.  We collect friends, photos, experiences and most importantly to an antiques dealer…..stuff.  Those collections bring us happiness.  They provide us memories of a happier time; times we want to recall and re-experience. Whether through the association of an item or a photo; plain and simple humans enjoy collecting their “Stuff”.IMG00079-20110822-2020

If you want to see my blog about my many collections check out my Attic Sister blog.

What do you collect?

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