Tea in the Movies

As the bitter cold, winter weather chases us indoors I find we’ve been watching a lot of old movies in the evenings….many from the Golden Age of Hollywood.  Even though I’ve seen them many times over the years, I love watching old black and white movies over and over again.

Recently, I noticed another thing I never noticed before; they served a lot of tea in the movies. So I started poking around the internet to see just how many famous movie stars I could find in photos drinking tea.  There are hundreds! Wow! Maybe thousands!  Some folks have quite a few pictures of them drinking tea. I though you might enjoy……

Shirley Temple had her tea parties.  The first one, before she was famous. What a cutie!

Bogie and Becall enjoyed tea together…

Boggie n Bacall 1946

As did Bing Crosby and Mary Fickett in 1957 on the set of Man on Fire.Bing n Mary Fickett 1957

In Alfred Hitchcock’s 1946 movie Notorious, Ingrid Bergman is shown several times with a cup of tea.

Grace Kelly on the set of the 1956 movie High Society with a refreshing cuppa.

Grace Kelly

Vivian Leigh as Scarlet O’Hara in Gone With the Wind took her morning tea in bed.

Gone with the wind Vivian Leigh

Most of the photos found on the internet of famous entertainers enjoying tea are of a tea-break or a candid shot.  These unstructured pictures are my favorite because they show people that are expected to act and be a certain way, just enjoying the pleasure of tea.  There are many more famous people, politicians, actors, singers, songwriters, sports figures drinking tea.

If you want to see more famous people drinking tea follow my Pinterest board Tea with Famous People.

Whether or not you know anyone famous, follow anyone famous, or are famous yourself, I hope you enjoy a cup of tea today!



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