Tea with Victoria

As a huge fan of all things tea plus my six season love affair with Downton Abbey, I now find myself addicted to PBS’s Masterpiece series, Victoria. Which if you are like me; fanatical about English tea and interested in history, you know tonight is the first episode in the new season of Victoria.  With seven episodes to anticipate, I look forward to the changes in Victoria as she navigates her world of ruling an empire while beginning a family.  If you want to see the synopsis of the coming season check out the PBS Masterpiece website HERE. Or bake some scones, brew a tasty pot of tea and get ready for Sunday evenings on PBS when Queen Victoria reigns again.

This past Christmas my niece gave me the Daisy Goodwin book, Victoria and I devoured it; loving every word, description, paragraph and chapter. (Available on Amazon)  As usual, the book far surpassed the movie in it’s detail and explanations but I loved it immensely and I think it brought me a greater depth of understanding for the Victorian time period.  I highly recommend it as a basis for the series.book

So, tonight and every Sunday evening for the next seven weeks I’ll be brewing a large pot of tea then putting out some savories and sweets to nibble while we watch the unfolding story of this formidable queen.  Here hoping you enjoy it too.

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