Gingerbread Housing for the Squirrels

We make gingerbread houses every year for Christmas.  They look so pretty, bright and cheery as part of our Christmas decor; they add a certain spicy fragrance to the room; and after the holidays are over, the squirrels in our neighborhood have a feast!  When I wrote about the gingerbread houses in December a few people thought it interesting that we give it to the squirrels after the holiday.  I got a couple emails about our generous support of the neighborhood hoodlums but, their squirrely antics bring so much joy and laughter.  20171209_184834

This house went to Kalamazoo, Michigan and provided a holiday fragrance for my cousin’s home throughout the entire season.  She gave it to her neighbor, Jon to feed his squirrels.  What great photos!  Thank you Jon for keeping an eye on the progress of this feast.

Our beautiful gingerbread house started out looking great in Jon’s backyard till it decided to snow.  Well, the squirrels were not to be deterred; they can ferret out a treat under any conditions.

With just a little persuasion, the roof pieces were “squirrelled” away for a later time.

Piece by piece the house disappeared.  It didn’t take too long to completely disassemble the house and haul away the pieces.

In the end, all that remained were the crumbs…..and a few happy squirrels.

Nothing better than living in a house you can eat!

While in Baltimore this past Christmas we visited the Maryland Science Center, a children’s museum dedicated to exploring the world of science.  My grandsons enjoy all the hands-on exhibits and projects but, this year imagine our surprise to find they cleared a room to showcase the largest gingerbread house village we’d ever seen.  These gingerbread houses, all made by children lined shelves and tables; each one decorated with care, created a community of gingerbread to delight children of all ages.  If you ever visit the Baltimore area during December, be sure to put this museum on your agenda.  You’ll be glad you did.

Now…….I wonder how many squirrels it would take, and how long it would take to devour this gingerbread village.


    • My friend Jon capture the little buggers with his long range lens last year. I laughed so hard at their antics up close. Usually we just watch from a distance. It is fun to see the turf wars that start with these gingerbread houses.

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      • We have a chipmunk who annually takes up residence in our garage. He is not shy, so I may have to try this and see if I can get some close ups. One time he was sitting on a box of clay a few feet away from me while I was throwing on the pottery wheel.

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      • You might just provide that chipmunk with a ne home this winter. At my daughter’s last year a squirrel worked for a while to chew through the side of the house. When the hole was large enough for him to get in he proceeded to lift the entire house and run away with it.

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      • haha! that sounds like this guy! He has been storing all sorts of ‘food’ items in our plant pots and anywhere here could find. I have tried moving his food stores to another outbuilding we have and he keeps moving them back to the garage! Might have to charge him rent!

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