Papermoon Diner

The Papermoon Diner describes their emporium as: an eccentric, eclectic, Technicolor dining experience where “comfort food meets Baltimore with a twist.” They’re vegetarian and raging-carnivore friendly and serve breakfast throughout the day.  Their menu uses delightfully twisted puns and word-smithing to create smiles even before the food is ordered or presented.

Just looking at the facade of this place is an exercise in the bazaar. Their bright and cheery paints make me smile and want to engage with this explosion of color. Found art and reclaimed items abound with plumbing fixtures re-purposed as planters.  Architectural pieces and mannequins become fantastically decorated objects of art; plus beautiful garden plantings packed tightly around the exterior add additional color.

Enter the vestibule area and delight in the display of Pez dispensers.  Hard to believe but, the walls shimmer with the silver sides of hundreds of CD’s and large glass door cases hold the thousand or more vintage and not so vintage Pez dispensers, while the ceiling is dedicated to other artistic pursuits.

Inside the diner, your senses are confronted by color.  Found objects decorate the walls, ceilings and cases throughout the diner.  Sit at the counter and enjoy their quirky sense of humor with silverware items, money and other small tchotchkes embedded in the counter-top.  In the main room, windows on all sides give the diners a view of the world going by but you probably won’t be looking outside as there is so much to look at inside.

I had the Spring Egg, a potato cake topped with baby spinach, crispy prosciutto, medium over easy eggs and a light hollandaise sauce. YUM!

The fifteen page menu is jam-packed featuring everything from meat loaf to crab quesadillas, from vegan nachos to shrimp and grits, from bacon milkshakes to eggs a la Lucy furr — and so much more. See menu HERE.

Their walls are covered with some of the most unusual art installations you will ever experience in a diner.  Mannequins covered in clothing made from pennies or marbles, paintings of outer space, toys and trinkets from long-ago repurposed into artwork.  There is so much to look at; the kiddos never get tired of going.  They see something new every time.  You may look around and think; how do they do it? Who cleans all this?  Our waiter told us they are closed on Tuesday when the entire staff comes in to clean all the artwork.  Clever idea!

If you’re ever in the Baltimore area and looking for an excellent meal with a twist stop by Papermoon Diner.  You’ll be glad you did.


Papermoon Diner is located at: 227 West 29th Street, Baltimore MD 21211

For questions, comments or concerns their phone: (410) 889-4444 or you can email them at  They Do Not take reservations but the wait has never been too long when we’ve gone.

Sunday – Thursday: 7am to 9pm
(Closed on Tuesday)
Friday &- Saturday: 7am to 10pm

For more information check their website:

If you decide to visit Papermoon Diner check their Facebook page for specials.  They do an Eye Spy special where you have to find a small figure to get the special.  It’s really fun for the kiddos.

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