A Baby Shower Tea Party in Pink!

We are getting a great niece.  Not just a girl that’s fantastic but, our nephew and his wife are having a little girl in May.  You see, out of eight greats all but one are boys and that one little girl lives in Germany so we don’t get see her or play tea party with her half a world away. So now is our chance!  My three sisters and I are planning a baby shower for the first time in pinks, yellows, and pastels. I’ve been pinning all kinds of ideas on Pinterest, talking to friends that have granddaughters and looking in shops for ideas to make this a memorable tea party.

When I owned the Pickwick tearoom, we hosted many, many tea parties for little girls but were only the purveyor of the food.  The hostess and her team decided on decor, favors, games(Oh NO!!!) and ultimately choose the food we served.

Helping us, our my niece is very clever with graphic arts and she designed and made the invitations.  They are lovely and really set the tone for this shower.  Since my nephew and his wife live in Texas and we are all in Illinois she suggested that anyone purchasing a large gift have it sent to the nearest store by their home.  Hopefully this works and they can pick up the items once they get home.  They are flying in from the Dallas area.

We also asked that anyone giving a gift consider bringing a book instead of a card, to start the baby’s library.  Our family is a family of readers. We have my mom to thank for that.  She read to us, she read to the grandkiddos and she read to herself.  Like my mom, I am a reader also.  I find it difficult to pass a book shop without looking for something for my grandsons. I often get them small books instead of cards for holidays, in fact, I just mailed them Easter books to read before the holiday.

My sister Dawn is in charge of games with only one stipulation, don’t make me play the games.  We found a large oddly shaped jar and filled it with pastel jellybeans in girly colors to have a little challenge for the people as they arrive.  How many jellybeans in the jar?  The person that guesses the closest wins a prize.  Dawn also found a baby sower word search for people to do when they arrive and are sitting at the tables waiting.  She plans to do a baby gift BINGO and has printed cards with a BINGO grid to be filled in by those attending the shower to cross off as the mom-to-be opens gifts.  Dawn has little prizes for the BINGO winners.

We also placed some “homework” at each placesetting.  These little cards were to get advice from each attendee to share with the new mommy and daddy.  We’ll see how that works. Knowing our family, I’m sure some of the advice will be hilarious!

My niece that made the shower invitations also put together favors for everyone to take home, with handmade soap prettily packaged.

We decided to have the shower in the hall at my sister’s church since we didn’t know how many would attend.  That gave us a blank palate for decorating but it also gave us enough room in case everyone invited showed.  For the table decorations we plan to use all white table cloths with pastel color napkins, clear plates, vintage teacups and teapots. For the centerpieces we’ve collected a few vintage pink baby planters and baby bottles to use with flowers and a few baby essentials like shampoo, tiny nail clippers etc to add to the centerpieces so the mom-to-be can take these home with her also. A friend that collects antiques is bringing a vintage wicker bassinet to use for smaller gifts. Balloons and tissue paper flowers in pastel colors will give the room a delicate pink glow and hopefully put everyone in a happy mood.

The menu includes:

  • A pretty pink punch for starters
  • Chicken salad on mini croissant
  • Deviled eggs shaped like baby cradles
  • Cucumber dill sandwiches on white bread
  • Turkey provolone and honey mustard on swirl rye bread
  • Lemon lavender scones with raspberry jam, lemon curd and clotted cream
  • Fresh berry tarts
  • Russian tea cakes
  • White chocolate, toffee snickerdoodles
  • Pink raspberry meringues
  • Lemon bread slices
  • Blueberry White Tea from Octavia Tea – it brews a beautiful pink color

A joyous event like a baby shower should bring family and friends together and bolster the mom-to-be’s confidence.  It’s such a nice way to shower your loved one with gifts and well wishes.



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