Octavia Tea Company

April and the “A” 2 “Z” writing challenge is almost here and I really need to get a better handle on just what I should write about for the next month.  I started by pondering what do I love enough to write about everyday for a month?

I love tea.  Let me state that again.  I LOVE Tea!  How else could I have owned the number one tearoom in Illinois for 13 years and not loved tea? So why not write about tea? I should be able to fill a month with tea types, don’t you think?

To start with, our tea supplier from our first day was Octavia Tea Company.  We forged a wonderful relationship with this company before we even opened our doors and agreed to only offer Octavia Teas to drink in the tearoom and for purchase in their beautifully labeled tins.  Octavia Tea was the only tea we ever offered at the Pickwick Society Tearoom in 13 years.


Why them?  Octavia was a new company only a couple years old when my daughter and I started our tearoom in 2004 and we liked their mission statement and commitment to quality.  We also appreciated their concern for our world and our fellow man.

Octavia’s mission statement:

From traditional favorites to whimsical, imaginative blends, our mission is to bring you the freshest, purest, healthiest, best-tasting teas on earth and delight every palate from the first-time tea-drinker to the discerning connoisseur. We take pride in using only the finest natural and organic ingredients and are a socially and environmentally conscious company.

All of Octavia’s teas are all natural, most are certified organic, and many are Fair Trade.  They carefully source ingredients and offer only natural and certified organic teas.  This means that they do not use any artificial ingredients and carefully monitor their products to ensure they are grown in pristine environments free from toxic chemicals, such as synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides.  Organic teas follow intensive quality and safety regulations and may contain more nutrients and antioxidants because of biologically active, fertile and healthier soil.

Focusing on natural and certified organic ingredients is especially important when it comes to tea because the leaves themselves are steeped directly in hot water.  No one wants a toxin filled cocktail laced with pesticides!

In addition, because most teas are cultivated in third world countries where pesticides are poorly regulated, buying natural and organic is not only better for our health; it also ensures the safety and well-being of people living and working on the gardens.cloud-tea-field

While artificial flavors are much cheaper to use and quite widespread in the tea industry, Octavia is one of the few tea companies that use only all natural flavor essences and pure essential oils to enhance their blends.herbal-teas-wood-box

As a tea drinker, I know their commitment to natural and certified organic products tremendously impacts taste, quality, and everyone’s personal well-being as well as the health of the environment.

Do I sound like a cheerleader for Octavia Tea?  Why yes, yes I am!  And so, for the month of April I have decided to introduce you to the alphabetical list of many of Octavia teas beginning on April 1 with Ancient Yunnan, one of my favorites. Watch for daily updates and for even more information about Octavia Tea Company check out their website HERE.


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