A – 2 – Z – Writing Challenge for April Day 1

On this April Fools day it would be rather tempting to use the first letter of the alphabet to discuss April, April Fools’ Day or April showers but, I’ve decided to give you 26 days of tea featuring my favorite tea company, Octavia Tea.

And what a way to start with one of my favorites; Ancient Yunnan black tea.

Ancient Yunnan

One of the world’s best tea growing regions is the area in China’s southwestern Yunnan Province where some of the world’s oldest tea trees grow.  Harvested from these earliest tea trees, Ancient Yunnan is rich in antioxidants and anti-aging properties.  When I think of black tea, Ancient Yunnan is my go-to tea for a well rounded cup; each sip bringing robust aroma and taste.  The fragrant flavor delights the palate with a complex array of tastes ranging from ripe fruit, cedarwood, peppery spice and sweet raisin.  In addition, subtle notes of cocoa hint gently of a more complex flavor during this tea’s malty, lingering finish.  A nice hot mug of Ancient Yunnan to start my day brings a few moments of peaceful tranquility and gets me going on the right foot with a subtle dose of caffeine.

If you’d like to purchase Ancient Yunnan, go to Octavia Tea’s website HERE or look for Octavia teas in specialty shops.


How to brew this tea?  All Octavia Teas are whole leaf teas and need an infuser, strainer or fill-your-own tea bag.  I use an infuser that fits in my mug or pot with plenty of room for the leaves to expand.  Just a teaspoon of leaves, hot – almost boiling but not boiling – water poured over the leaves; then set a timer for 5 minutes and let it steep.  Remove the infuser or bag and enjoy!  In the winter months I like my morning tea with a little sweetener and a splash of milk.  In the summer, I usually add ice and enjoy my morning tea cold.

How do you drink your tea?  Hot or Iced?

If you’d like to try this tea, go to Octavia’s website HERE. spilled-tins-our-story

This and my other posts for the month of April are part of an A-2-Z Challenge to write everyday in April except Sundays with the next letter of the alphabet.a to z challenge for april 2018

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