“B” is for Berry Cabernet Herbal Tea

How do you make an ordinary day extraordinary?  Start off enjoying a delightfully tasty and beautiful ruby red herbal tea like Octavia Tea Company’s Berry Cabernet.  The fruity brew will brighten your morning and make you smile.  This herbal blend of organic fruits and botanicals with luscious berries, fruity rose hips, and sweet-tart hibiscus is naturally caffeine free.  Enjoy it just before bed for a sweet antioxidant-rich evening drink without any stimulant to keep you from sleeping.

As a cold drink you cannot beat the beautiful rosy red color in your glass and the fruity flavor on your palate.  I love Berry Cabernet iced and keep a pitcher of it in my fridge most of the summer. My guests always comment on the brilliant rosy color as well as the delightfully fruity taste. To save some calories, use it for a base when making sangria instead of fruit juice, then just add your wine and sliced fruit and voila! You have a calorie conscious sangria to enjoy any summer day.berry_cabernet_organic_caffeine_free_herbal_tea__64387

Brewed hot this tea is a delight for the senses with bright berry notes.  Steep one full tablespoon of Berry Cabernet in 12 ounces of hot water for 3 ½ minutes.

For iced tea use a cold brew process.  Simply mix one tablespoon of tea for every cup of fresh, cold water in a covered pitcher, refrigerate for 6 to 10 hours, strain and enjoy!

If you’d like to try Berry Cabernet for yourself, go to Octavia Tea’s website HERE or look for Octavia teas in specialty shops.


This and my other posts for the month of April are part of an A-2-Z Challenge to write everyday in April except Sundays with the next letter of the alphabet.  a to z challenge for april 2018


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