“E” is for Earl Grey

Earl Grey as a name for tea is not a registered trademark so many companies have a blend named Earl Gray which starts with a good quality black tea and flavored with bergamot.  Octavia Tea’s Grand Earl Gray holds to that tradition with a full-bodied blend of black tea and Mediterranean bergamot. Bergamot is a citrus fruit from southern Italy that lends its flowery-sweet, citrus aroma to this classic tea. Dark and rich, yet smooth and aromatic, Octavia’s Grand Earl Grey is often complimented as the best Earl Grey available!grand_earl_grey_tin__16468

Just like all their all-natural teas, Octavia’s Grand Earl Grey is higher in quality than other Earl Grey teas because, rather than using strong, artificial bergamot flavor to mask poor quality tea, Octavia uses pure essential oil pressed from real bergamot citrus fruits to enhance the natural character of an exceptional, Yunnan black tea base.

The name Earl Grey was blended for and named after Charles, the Second Earl Grey when he was prime minister of Britain during the reign of William IV in the 1830’s.

For a real treat make a creamy cuppa called a London Fog with Grand Earl Grey, steamed milk and vanilla syrup.  Delicious!


Or if you prefer it iced use a cold brew process.  Simply mix one tablespoon of Grand Earl Grey tea for every cup of fresh, cold water in a covered pitcher, refrigerate for 6 to 10 hours, strain and enjoy!

If you’d like to try Grand Earl Grey for yourself, go to Octavia Tea’s website HERE or look for Octavia teas in specialty shops.


This and my other posts for the month of April are part of an A-2-Z Challenge to write everyday in April except Sundays with the next letter of the alphabet.a to z challenge for april 2018

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