“J” is for Jasmine Pearl Green Tea

Jasmine tea has been served in the orient for hundreds of years.  Octavia Tea’s Organic Jasmine Pearl is superior to most jasmine teas.  Although Octavia works with sources and gardens that offer less expensive grades of Jasmine Pearl (and there are many on the market), they have chosen to forgo these lesser grades because none of them compare to the quality, appearance, fragrance and flavor of the grade offered through Octavia Tea. This tea is the absolute best Jasmine Pearl on the market and they are very proud to offer it to you!

A premium tea worth all the effort and cost, Jasmine Pearl is one of the world’s finest, most elegant teas.  Infused with the intoxicating fragrance of jasmine and hand rolled into pearls that bloom in your cup this fine tea is prized the world over for its beautiful fragrance and delicate cup.

jasmine_pearl_organic_green_tea_tin__22525 (1)To make this exquisite tea, the leaves are dried after harvesting then layered with ten times their weight in jasmine flowers which bloom in the cool night air.  After hours of infusing the tea leaves with jasmine, the flowers are removed and the tea is dried a second time to capture the fragrance.

Although the jasmine flowers are removed from the final product, the sweet, soothing scent remains. More than 20 pounds of fresh jasmine flowers are used to scent each pound of dried Jasmine Pearl, and it takes nearly 1,000 hand-plucked tealeaves to fill a single tin.

The fragrance of fresh jasmine fills the room as you brew this world-class tea; the flavor is smooth, refreshing and absolutely exquisite.

Octavia also sells an organic Jasmine Green tea made with antioxidant-rich green tea and intoxicating jasmine in every cup.  Capturing the scent of a country garden after a spring rain, this classic, antioxidant-rich green tea imparts the seductive, soothing fragrance of wild jasmine in every cup.

Or for a lighter cup try their White Jasmine tea.  This white tea’s sun-withered leaves offer a pale, shimmering infusion with a delicate, well-balanced flavor, and the beautiful, plush aroma of jasmine.

Jasmine tea is said to lower cholesterol, ease anxiety and promote well-being.  Jsmine tea is recommended by traditional Chinese medicine to decrease anxiety, increase circulation, aid digestion and break down saturated fat.  With its intoxicating, floral aroma, jasmine tea is also considered a romance enhancer.

If you would like to try Octavia’s Jasmine teas check out their website for Jasmine Pearl Tea, Jasmine Green Tea or White Jasmine Tea.  Or look for Octavia Teas all natural teas at gourmet shops near you.


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