“R” is for Rainforest Mint Mate’

Our first tea menu at the Pickwick Tearoom only offered 10 teas and Octavia Tea’s Organic Rainforest Mint Mate’ was one of our first herbal teas.  Blended with organic yerba mate’ from Brazil and organic peppermint from the US Pacific Northwest, this tea tastes fantastic hot or iced.  This tea is certified 100% organic.

Considered an herbal tea which are in general caffeine free; yerba mate’ teas have a natural caffeine that unlike coffee rarely causes caffeine jitters or interferes with sleep. When drinking yerba mate’ the caffeine boost is gentle, clean, calm, and generally not as addictive as coffee.

Native to the Amazon rain forest, yerba maté has been used for centuries to improve mood, enhance energy and aid weight-loss. The exhilarating addition of mint creates a natural cooling effect that will awaken both body and mind.


In colder weather, I like to add a slice of lemon and honey to Rainforest Mint Mate’ for a throat soothing cup.  In the summer months, I love minty sun tea and make it by the half gallon, setting a vintage glass milk jug out on my deck for a few hours in the sun; then chill it for a wonderfully cooling tea experience.  The temperature of iced tea is cold but the mint increases it’s effects and cools you quickly and completely on a hot day.

My daughter makes her sun tea in a For Life Mist Glass Iced Tea Jug available HERE.

Try Octavia’s Rainforest Mint Mate’ hot or iced for a delightful change from your regular mint tea.

If you’d like more information about Octavia Tea Company or if you’d like to experience this delightfully minty herbal tea for yourself, check out Octavia Tea Company’s website HERE.  You can also find their teas at specialty and gourmet shops.


This post is part of an A-2-Z Writing Challenge for the month of April where you write everyday except Sundays with the next letter of the alphabet.a to z challenge for april 2018

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